Western Region must rise above the order-Osikani Frimpong Manso

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Western Region located in the southern part of Ghana with diverse cultural backgrounds and rich natural reserves of precious materials such as gold, diamond and oil  with rich vegetation structure in cocoa and cashew nut still lacks the proper indexing of developments rates in the country. With all these, the region still struggles with proper standards of living in various aspects ranging from education,politics and economics as well as active participation in the affairs of the state.

The underdeveloped nature of the region has led to introduction of a royal mouth piece to raise a heavy and confidential voice for the region. This mouth piece has excellent authenticity and is ready to strike all the chords that involve and contribute to development in the western and central regions and beyond.

Osikani Frimpong Manso as he is popularly known by electronic media listeners and faithfuls all over the country and the diaspora is ready to anchor and host the very educative and informative morning show in the rich studios of KINGDOM FM, takoradi branch.

The show dubbed “Sinopi” is set to air live kick starting on this Tuesday 23rd of April, 2019. The rich synopsis of this show will seek to involve persons and issues of interest to the regions agenda and national issues at hand.Speaking to the right people and getting things done, serving the people of the country the newest royal vigilante king of the west and political shows across the country.

Osikani Frimpong Manso is the former morning show host of Cape FM from cape coast. Well versed and filled with all the proper links to speak without fear and exercise his rights within the press freedom rights will make this region and Ghana as a whole a success and a better place to live in. Nominated for various media awards on the international platform and local platforms, he is ready to serve you.

The Sinopi morning show host will not hesitate to raise a voice against bad forms of human processes such as  bribery, corruption and embezzlement of state funds and call on the right people to get the right things done.

Sinopi comes to you live during the weekdays from the hours of 0700GMT to 1000GMT Local time. Get interactive with us on our various social media platforms by just hastaging your views and suggestions with:

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