‘We will demonstrate tomorrow,they must tell us the truth’-Taadi Kidanpped Girls families

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The families of the Takoradi kidnapped girls have decided to embark on a demonstration God-wiilling tomorrow to protest against the abysmal and shambolic investigative reports and results released by the security agents including the police and Criminal Investigative Department.

In an interview with Asase the Choiceman on Kingdom FM, Takoradi on the segment Takoradi Nkomo, the families of the kidnapped girls have decided to embark on a demonstration process to demand the truth from security agencies involved in this issue.

The spokesperson for the families of the kidnapped girls Mr. Hayford stressed that the demonstration will take place with their own financial support.They believe strongly that there is a gloomy process in the dealings of this issue and simply put the police are not been honest with them.

The DNA results from the remains found in the cesspit tank in the first suspects house Samuel Udotek Wills is a very funny issue. We keep asking for pictures and evidence to prove that surely these are our children.We want to know the truth, how is that difficult. We do have a legitimate reason to know the truth, why did the suspect  break cells on the first attempt and why is it that the the police at duty at the time of the break away has been transferred, Mr. Hayford explained.

The demonstration march process will begin at 0830GMT beginning from the nkroful junction right down to the jubilee grounds around the Nkrumah Circle area close to the Takoradi mall.

We want Maame Tiwaa to resign as well, we may not have a point, we do understand but we believe that justice must be served in the right way. the families urged the residents and natives to join in this demonstration to help the security issues of the region. The  results and outputs dont tally at all. I have dreams of my sister a lot and i believe that she is alive.

The security of Takoradi is at stake and all must join us to find the unrevealed behind this issue. If this issue is not solved to the bottom void of all lies, Western Region will contine to be a hub for the kidnapping spates in the country. Over the years, Western Region has been neglected for so long and we need to have a voice.


The DNA test carried out on the human parts found in the vicinity of the suspected kidnapper’s home have been confirmed by the Police to be that of the four girls who went missing in Takoradi.

A few minutes ago, officers of the Ghana Police service informed 4 families in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana that DNA test conducted on some human remains discovered into the course of police investigations into the disappearance 4 missing girls have turned positive, as the remains of the girls. The Ghana Police service has with regret informed the families that the remains of Ruth Abakah, Priscilla Kuranchie, Ruth Love Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum.”

“Investigations now establish that the girls were victims of a serial kidnapping and murdering syndicate that operated in the Takoradi area.”

“While for various reasons we were unsuccessful in obtaining and action on accurate actionable intelligence in good time to enable us rescue the girls, we believe that the arrest of the culprits has effectively thwarted the ability of this syndicate to have continued with further kidnappings and murders.”



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