Tarkwa Residents threaten another demonstration over bad roads.

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Residents of Tarkwa in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality have once again threatened a demonstration action over the deplorable state of roads with dust been their main troubling factor.

The angry residents  said the government has taken them for granted. They have petitioned the Municipal Chief Executive for the area on the matter.

“I stay close to this road and over the years this road has been in a very deplorable state. When you ply this road, it is either you fix your car every week or every other day,” one of the citizens phoned in and said on the Kingdom Breakfast Show.

In an Interview today on The Kingdom Breakfast Show, the president of the concerned citizens of the Tarkwa Nsuaem Area David Kumi told Osikani Frimpong Manso commended the actions of the government and authorities for coming to make an attempt to fix the roads but expressed worry over the slow pace and development of the road with the dusty nature serving as a huge threat to their health.

He however explained that if they dont increase the pace of development of the road  and the issue of pollution by the dust is handled, they may have to demonstrate again to get their views over the road attended to.

“…The dust that comes in when you are in your house and you inhale it, the kind of sickness you will face, only the doctors will be able to tell.”

Residents have in the past complained that not enough revenue from the major economic activity in the area is channelled into infrastructure.

The Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality is one of the leading producers of gold in Ghana.

Heavy-duty vehicles transporting cocoa, bauxite and Manganese for export to the Takoradi Harbor also use the road, putting a lot of pressure on the stretch.

In September 2018, some Tarkwa chiefs led residents to block roads in protest grinding economic activities to a halt.

Story by Kingdom FM, Takoradi.


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