Stay off the pavements,they are not shops!

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Town and management councils are important embodiment for developing the ever growing populace of cities and towns across the world.Urban dwellers have over the years coupled with hectic nature of the bustling associated with settlements and industrialization in spatial organizations. Rural areas metamorphose into villages, towns, cities, metropolis and megalopolis which implies the ever growing development state of spatial locations.

Africa has never been left out as it cities and towns face unending and seemingly unsolvable issues of sanitation, pollution and climate change as well as easy access in the stead of mobility. Ghana,Nigeria,and South Africa with larger trading markets are not left out at all.

Western Region over the years have seen seen an unprecedented rise in populace of the human resource and industries at large. This has caused net migration factors to be on the rise as more people keep coming into the capital business town known as Takoradi. Takoradi is the third largest city in Ghana with rich natural and coastal resource content which contributes a lot to the improving economies of the country. Markets that see to the day to day business activities have suffered issues of mobility with vehicles and pedestrians and market users who fight over pavement spaces. Pavement spaces along the road have turned into market sheds making it very uncomfortable for market users especially vehicle owners.

Heckles of insults and heated words are exchanged almost everyday as market operators fight with vehicle owners and pedestrians do not have proper accessibility as well.

Takoradi Police, a segment on the Kingdom Breakfast show sighted this canker and called on the authorities to handle this matter without politicization. The Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Authority he believes have done little to make the market very accessible, they even take market tolls and funds from theses traders and do not account for these tolls and keep allowing these women to endanger their lives at the expense of oncoming vehicles that may run into them as it has happened in recent cases.

He made a humble plea to the market women to understand the authorities to make the market a safe and easy haven for first class standard market trading facilities which will be a great legacy for generations to come.

Story By Mr. Emmanuel Ebo Blankson, Kingdom FM,Takoradi.


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