Radio Gold, Radio XYZ shutdown not politically motivated – Oppong Nkrumah

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The Minister for Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has denied claims that the shutdown of the two pro-opposition radio stations, Radio XYZ and Radio Gold meant a political vendetta.

The Minister said the exercise cuts across all users of electronic spectrum who are operating without the right authorization and not a specifically targeted user.

“I am very sure some persons would speculate that this exercise appears to be an action against the two radio stations that may appear to be unaligned to the current administration. But the brief I have is that, this exercise cuts across various user of spectrums who have been cautioned that they had been operating without authorization for some years now. And this exercise has been going on for a year now,” he said.

He further stated that he is not in the position to know why previous managers of the NCA failed to take action against the stations said to be operating without the necessary authorization.

The two radio stations were shut down on Thursday afternoon.

There was an NDC press conference addressed by the Council of Elders at the party headquarters in Accra being transmitted on Radio XYZ at the time it was shut down.




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