Our constructive criticisms are never heard-Hon.Mintah Akandoh, NDC.

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A ranking member on the Parliamentary Select Committee on health and Member of Parliament for the Juaboso Constituency in the Western region of Ghana revealed to listeners of the Kingdom Breakfast Show and host Osikani Frimpong Manso that the Oppositions constructive criticisms raised on health issues are not and never taking into consideration.

He made this statement in a response to the recently launched Zipline Medical Drone Services by the Vice President. He expressed satisfaction on the drone service but was not pleased that proper research and financial analysis were not conducted before the policy made head way.

“The drones only serve as a means of transporting essential medical supplies to rural areas where accessibility and mobility is difficult although he claimed that the twelve million dollars pumped into this health policy was not feasible and the government is refusing to listen to the minority’s contribution on the policy” He said to Osikani Frimpong Manso.

“We cannot do anything about it, I am a ranking member on the health committee of parliament, I can only make contributions and suggestions to the government, they decide whether they will take it or not, I want the best for Ghana just as they also want thus they must listen to our ideas.” He made this clear on the Kingdom Breakfast Show today to host Osikani Frimpong Manso.

He cited that though the opposition makes claim that countries such as Rwanda have had successful drone operations which he doesn’t doubt but the geographical space and organization of health facilities in the Rwandan enclave is a rough terrain made up of highlands and they have less medical facilities hence it’s a feasible policy for them and Ghana must really look into this policy and if possible do a value for money analysis on this policy again.

For now we can only seek to criticize policies but implementation processes will majorly depend on the ruling party NPP.

The Vice President of Ghana has however accused the opposition of playing politics with the health sector and urged that the country as a whole would desist from political play on the health sector. He made this statement at the launch of the drone service in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Osikani Frimpong Manso, the host of the Kingdom Breakfast Show also voiced out his suggestions saying that it will be very wrong for the opposition to play politics on this matter but urged that the ruling party take important criticisms and suggestions into consideration as well for a proper service to the citizenry.

Story by Kingdom FM, Takoradi.




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