New Tariffs to be announced by PURC

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The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has indicated that it would announce new utility tariffs in June 2019. The commission added that the new rates would take effect from July 2019. According to the PURC, it stated that it reached the decision after taking inputs from a number of stakeholders.

It added that it intended to organize a public hearing on the tariff adjustment on January 14, so that they take effect on February 1, 2019. The announcement, PURC went on, added that the announcement was delayed due to the takeover of Power Distribution Services (PDS) from the ECG.

The head of public relations of the PURC, Bawah Munkaila, said that an accurate tariff adjustment could only be determined after enough data has been gathered from the new service provider.

In an interview on the Kingdom Breakfast Show this morning, Mr. Bawuah of the PURC stated that they are yet to organize a meeting on the new tariffs and stated that they will be ready by the new month of June.

The PURC had said the decision to maintain tariffs was due to “critical emerging issues in the sector, which are expected to affect the final tariff setting.

Story By Kingdom FM,Takoradi.


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