Kidnapping Saga: ‘Rev.Owusu Bempah will get beatings from me’-Spokesperson

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Mr.Hayford the spokesperson and relative of one of the kidnapped girls by name Ruth Quayson has expressed deep regrets in the handling of the issue by the police investigating department.

In an interview on the Kingdom Breakfast Show today, He expressed shock over the reason to which Rev.Owusu Bempah had not been invited for interrogation over his recent statements which said that he knew where the girls are and its only the presidents outfit that can make him speak on the whereabouts of the girls.

Mr.Hayford said ‘I dont know what the police and the government are doing and we suspect foul play over the issue ,Rev Owusu Bempah must be sued over his statements, he surely knows or has an idea of where the girls are and why are the police not calling him. If i meet him in person , i will subject him to beatings because he is really toying with emotions and troubles and hence we are sounding a caution to him that if he doesnt speak or get called by the authorities in charge i ll beat him up myself.

He went on to narrate the consequences of event that he believed amounted to their high suspicion of foul play by the security forces. Key personalities and actors in the case have been moved out of the case sighting CID Ametepe and Ofori Donkor who have been transferred to new stations after the escape event by the Prime suspect Udotek Willis.

We are watching closely and we will not be intimidated by their protection of the alleged suspects of a case of this sort. They are not telling us somethings and we will be forced to take serious actions against them. He told Osikani Frimpong Manso that he believes there are some big names behind this issue and debacle of kidnappings and the government in hand with the police are doing their best to protect these big names and cautioned that their actions will be exposed soon.

The Founder and Leader of the Glorious Word and Power Ministry International, Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah has incurred the wrath of the families of the three girls kidnapped in Takoradi after claiming he knows their whereabouts.

Story By Kingdom FM, Takoradi.


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